The Milestone Institute’s mission is to act as a catalyst of societal progress by inspiring and enriching journeys of young talent towards impact through educational excellence. The internationally recognised centre for advanced studies grew out of the vision and initiative of the three founders György Greskovits, Dániel Léderer and Ádám Zeitler since 2010. The close-knit community of changemakers, now comprising 1600+ students and alumni, and their institutional home have always maintained a spirit of innovation and border-crossing, which now lead to the creation of Milestone Global. This initiative, powered by a decade of experience and cutting edge knowhow, sets out to multiply Milestone’s impact through digitisation and upscaling while maintaining its foundational values.


We constructed a proprietary super-curricular ecosystem comprising 100+ academic modules, student profiling and mentoring knowhow, and student societies as an experiential learning platform. Our approach offers a unique combination of intellectual challenge, personalisation and student autonomy through the opportunity to experiment with and validate the value of learning experiences.

How successful is the
Milestone method?

1270 Alumni

2500+ offers from QS Top100 ranking universities

176 offers from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge

Ranked in the top 10 of "the best international schools for getting a place at Oxford and Cambridge" by the prestigious British daily, The Telegraph

Outstanding results in numerous international essay competitions, such as Oxford’s Mary Renault Prize, Cambridge’s R.A. Butler and Robson Prizes or the John Locke essay competition

Won the 2021 Novice Finals of Oxford Schools secondary school debating competition

Medals at the International Geography, Linguistics and Philosophy Olympiads

Why does the Milestone method work so successfully?

  • Draws on more than 12 years of experience in curriculum development, pathway design, student navigation and mentoring 
  • Blends state-of-the-art solutions with customised design and innovation
  • Inspires a robust motivation in students through autonomy derived from informed, free choice
  • Navigation based on 360° profiling unlocks student potential
  • Faculty of 100 scholars and industry experts delivers rigorous and cutting edge education
  • Faculty professional development, including onboarding and continuous development, ensures quality
  • Teaching and Learning Department develops and operates university-level Teaching Excellence Framework
  • Data-driven evaluation of student potential and progress facilitates efficient cohort-level reporting and resource allocation
  • Digital-ready model for student profiling and success pathways holds large potential for upscaling

We not only educate high school students, but offer our expertise to other educational institutions. We provide exceptional educational consulting services and solutions for secondary and higher education institutions aiming to build competitive advantage. The Milestone Institute accumulated exceptional knowledge in the educational field proven by its outstanding academic results and network offered through our services to those looking for innovative state-of-the-art solutions.

Meet the Leadership


Chief Executive Officer

The Milestone Global initiative places us at the forefront of education innovation. This is a strategic next step in fulfilling our mission of nurturing talent to face global challenges.


Co-Founder/ Chief of Innovation and Business Development

After a decade of development and iterative fine-tuning prompted by the expectations of world-leading universities, our method has matured to become a scalable, competitive and mission driven answer to contemporary K12 education challenges.


Co-Founder/ Sales Manager

Milestone Global is our new venture to introduce the Institute’s state-of-the-art solutions to an international audience. We are excited to enhance the impact of the Milestone project and create value for a global talent pool.

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