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Global Competitiveness Diagnostic

Milestone’s Global Competitiveness Diagnostic (GCD) provides a personalised assessment for each student on which a powerful profile development and application strategy can be built.

What are the challenges that students, schools and talent organisations face?

The race to get into the world’s best universities is increasingly tougher due to growing numbers of international candidates. Students often struggle with finding the ideal synergy between their interests, competitive advantage and the educational journey that will lead them to gaining a place at a top university. Educational leaders search for ways to optimise resource allocation for student admission success, grappling with questions like:

  • Where is a student placed compared to the global competition?
  • What kind of core and extracurricular learning journey would help them orient and best optimise their chances of success?
  • What is the best-fit course and university choice for a given student?

Milestone’s Global Competitiveness Diagnostic (GCD) offers a solution to these dilemmas.

How does the Global Competitiveness Diagnostic service address these?

Milestone’s Global Competitiveness Diagnostic (GCD) provides a personalised assessment for each student on which a powerful profile development and application strategy can be built.

Our unique programme, the Global Competitiveness Diagnostic (GCD):

  • Uncovers hidden potentials
  • Differentiates at the top end of the achievement/talent spectrum
  • Provides a holistic view of academic strengths, ambitions, and internal motivation (for sustainable, long-term success at university and beyond)
  • Maps out a tangible action plan for profile development and university application strategy

For students aged: 16-20 years olds

Duration of Programme: 1 day + Diagnostic Report in 3 days

How does it work?

step by step

Steps of the diagnostic process

1. Submission of academic profile achievements and existing test results

2. Questionnaire about interests, background and goals

3. Thinking Aptitude Testing (TAT)

4. Timed, argumentative essay writing

5. 30-minute online interview to assess application of knowledge and flexibility of thinking

6. Student receives the personalised Diagnostic Report

7. 60-minute online discussion of the Diagnostic Report with an Expert Advisor

How can you benefit from this?

Schools and talent organisations will benefit from:

  • Increased admission results to world-leading universities
  • Year group or large cohort overview against international standards
  • Identification of top talents and candidates with high chances of university admission
  • Uncovering students with hidden potential and distinguishing between high achievers
  • Cohort-level competitive advantage with best-fit course/university choice
  • Optimisation of application support resources according to the needs of the cohort
  • Data-driven admission into the institution’s own gifted programmes
  • Student-specific action points for teachers and counsellors in terms of academic orientation, subject knowledge development and profile-building strategies

Students and parents will benefit from:

  • Increased competitiveness at admissions success
  • University/course choice optimisation
  • Benchmarking of individual profile against international standards
  • Tangible action plan derived from the Diagnostic Report for profile development and application strategy
  • Orientation informed by individual strengths, ambitions, potential and global Higher Education opportunities
  • Clear prioritisation of curricular and co-curricular commitments based on expert guidance
  • Robust and lasting motivation gained from aligning passion and opportunities

If you would like to learn more about the Global Competitiveness Diagnostic (GCD), receive a Diagnostic Report example or how the Milestone Global’s services could be of benefit to you, contact us.