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Advising Program

We provide exceptional 1-to-1 advising educational solutions by one of the world’s leading experts with exceptional university application results for intitutions working with secondary school students who wish to enhance their academic portfolio. The Milestone Advising Program supports students in exploring their academic orientation, building and enhancing their application profile or working on their university applications.

Program features

Intensive and Goal-oriented

  • Composed of 10-week Advising Sprints
  • Weekly online meetings with a Senior Milestone mentor online
  • Thematic advising with a Milestone Teaching Staff member
  • Project-based work towards educational goals

Individualised and Tailor-made

  • Advising meetings centred around personal needs
  • Support from highly experienced and successful Milestone mentors and Core Staff
  • Milestone knowhow and best practices tailored for students by the Advisor
  • Diagnostics of where the student is standing compared to his/her goals and ambitions
  • Strategic planning and professional skill development support

Pathway options

(choice at the entry)

Orientation pathway

  • Exploring intellectual interests and passions
  • Aligning interests with individual strengths and ambitions
  • Career advising

Profile Building pathway

  • Developing core knowledge and skills
  • Creating a profile development plan for successful university admissions
  • Supporting strategic profile choices in academics and extracurriculars eg. relevant internships, or research projects

University Application pathway

  • University and course choice advising
  • Supporting personal statements and essay writing
  • Developing interview and test preparation strategies

We offer the Milestone Advising Program for traditional or non-traditional educational institutions working with students in secondary education who wish to provide their students with outstanding academic solutions.

If you would like to learn more about how the Milestone Institute’s services could be of benefit to you, contact us.

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