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Educational consultancy

We provide exceptional educational consulting services and solutions for secondary and higher education institutions aiming to build competitive advantage. The Milestone Institute accumulated prominent knowledge in the educational field proven by its outstanding academic results and network offered through our services to those looking for innovative state-of-the-art solutions.

Solutions for secondary educational institutions:

  • Segmenting student populations and identifying talent for more specialized development
  • Orienting students to “best fit” academic pathways
  • Designing a super curriculum with a focus on student profile
    building and academic achievement
  • Improving student university destinations results
  • Training career and academic advisors

Solutions for higher education institute:

  • Creating and improving institutional profile
  • Building an international and/or local competitive advantage
  • Attracting top tier students
  • University talent management
  • Building institutional capacity

While we believe that there is an enormous added value in the synergies born between the above elements of the system working together, each item on the list will bring measurable impact to any educational organisation by itself as well.
If you would like to learn more about how the Milestone Institute’s services could be of benefit to you, contact us.

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