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The Navigator

The Navigator is a fully customisable digital academic advising solution for universities, helping students map, strategically plan and track their academic and co-curricular journeys to synergise with competitive career goals.

What are the challenges?

The monopoly of universities as the providers and certifiers of knowledge and skills required for top level jobs is being challenged. The labour market is changing at a pace hard to follow, creating a widely discussed skills gap between employer expectations and what universities are producing. Simultaneously, employers, students and advisors find it increasingly difficult to comparatively evaluate the value of educational opportunities flooding the market.

How do we address these?

The Navigator is designed to offer a digital solution translating the intellectual development of students prompted by the core curriculum into competitive career trajectories. 

Our solution:

  • Illuminates the hidden curriculum required by top professions – mapping core and co-curricular opportunities available in the university ecosystem according to pathways of excellence
  • Defines the relative value of educational content in relation to career goals providing students with a tangible plan for advancement
  • Informs data-driven university-level decision-making of curriculum design and resource allocation
  • Provides employers with a degree length, data powered profile of each student that allows for cohort level comparisons and the identification of top candidates

How does it work?

step by step

In a gamified environment, students build a personalised avatar capturing preferences and skills and their alignment with career goals.

Student Profile Initialisation.

Students initialise their profiles by completing orientation assessments, which consists of personality tests and capturing their past academic activities.

Goal Setting.

Students set career goals against which the value of academic content and co-curricular activities are determined. Goals are iteratively updated as students progress through their studies.

Progression planning and tracking.

Students can play around with various career goals and see how the relevance of various activities changes as a function of post-university journeys. Student profiles are updated as they complete activities, according to the competitiveness of achievement.

Advisors receive a standardised student profile and digital map in which university ecosystem content items are tagged according to their value and relevance for career outcomes.

How can you benefit from this?

The Navigator

  • Motivates student to take charge of their learning journey through goal setting and strategic planning
  • Makes the education content items of the university ecosystem transparent and translatable to employment goals for students, advisors and employers
  • Provides quantifiable evidence regarding student engagement and clear patterns for pathways of success
  • Enables decision makers to pool resources and adjust core and co-curriculum design in relation to cohort level data overview of successes pathways
  • Is custom designed for each institution taking into account the strategic goals, digital readiness and educational and local best practices to enable best results

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