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University Application Programme

Profile, strategise and set university admission goals. Immerse in cutting edge advanced academic super-curriculum. Prepare extensively and gain admission to a world leading university.

What are the challenges?

In an increasingly globalised competition for the best university offers, students are often lost on how to maximise their potential and secure a place in the institution of their dreams. Leading universities define excellence in radically different terms, while schools lack the capacity to offer expert advice, identify potential routes for excellence or provide the advanced academic tuition needed to succeed.

How do we address these?

The Milestone Institute’s 3 months long, online University Application Programme provides an end to end service to boost global competitiveness and optimise for the ‘best fit’ QSTop100 institution and course choice for each student.

The programme allows students to:

  • better identify application strategies based on more than a decade of experience,
  • immerse themselves in the cutting edge of scientific research and scholarly debate through advanced academic super-curriculum,
  • as well as gain individualised support in building their application profile and focus it on the institution of their choice.

For students aged: 17-20 years olds

Duration of Programme: 3 months

How does it work?

step by step

Step by step important phases of preparation for students

Phase One: profiling, strategizing and goal setting
  • Introducing the QSTop100 higher education landscape and the markers of success through our University and Course Choice Module
  • Mapping the academic strengths and passions of each student and providing a detailed diagnostic report on their ‘best fit’ opportunities
  • Co-creating then executing a detailed action plan during the sessions of our one-on-one Advising Programme
Phase two: Academic immersion and preparation
  • Immersing students in scholarly methods and themes through up to 8 advanced academic pathways 
  • Developing academic and leadership skills in small tutorial setting
Phase Three: Application focus and support
  • Supporting the application process through small group preparation for tests and interviews, individualised tuition on application materials like Personal Statements, Essays and Videos
  • Providing clear indication of progress and chances of success through status and prediction reports

How can you benefit from this?

Parents will benefit from:

  • Regular and detailed reporting on their child’s progress, decisions, and chances of success
  • The opportunity to seek expert advice during the preparation period
  • Increase in the child’s motivation and enabled in identifying and reaching their own goals
  • Securing several competitive university offers for their child

Students will:

  • Receive personalised support and preparation in each part of their university application process
  • Receive regular feedback on their progress, motivation to test their limits and accurate account of their chances of success
  • Study amongst motivated and international cohort of peers with similar interests and goals
  • Graduate from the programme with a greater sense of self understanding, purpose and sense of achievement as well as a working method for reaching future ambitions and dreams
  • Secure several competitive university offers

Schools and talent organisations will benefit from:

  • Bespoke outsourcing of university orientation
  • Tailored outsourcing of university advising and admission preparation
  • Greater motivation for final exams and enrich curricular experience
  • Top university offers strengthening institutional brand recognition

If you would like to learn more about Milestone Global’s University Application Programme, or how the Milestone Global’s services could be of benefit to you, contact us.